Scholle Performance Packaging for Automotive Chemicals

  • Are your automotive chemical products being delivered to your customers in a safe, easy-to-use, and efficient package?

Scholle’s performance packaging for automotive chemicals gives you a market advantage with solutions that are designed to ensure your automotive chemical’s integrity and maximize your consumers’ experience in a way that is as safe, natural, economic, and sustainable as possible.


Automotive chemicals are often wasted due to packaging and dispensing limitations. Providing your products to automotive professionals who easily and safely gain access to—and efficiently dispense—solutions gives you a significant advantage in the market place. With Scholle performance packaging you will:

  • Protect end users from dangerous splashing and glugging during use
  • Provide robust, tamper-evident products
  • Optimize your customers’ operations with economic dispensing options that reduce package and product waste
  • Save money by reducing the amount of downtime spent replenishing stock of products in small, rigid bottles
  • Reduce overall packaging carbon footprint by switching to flexible packaging


Do your retail automotive chemical brands stand out on the shelf and in your consumers’ minds?

Consumers’ willingness to experiment with packaging that grants them access to quality automotive chemicals, with additional value in use or minimization of unnecessary packaging, has changed the way chemical producers retail their products. With Scholle performance packaging you will:

  • Protect the user from dangerous formulations with user-friendly fitments and taps to dispense product
  • Offer unparalleled convenience at home with bulk flexible packaging that can easily dispense directly where needed
  • Command consumer attention on the shelf with eye-catching, differentiated packaging
  • Keep your brand on your consumer’s home shelf longer, increasing brand adoption and chances for re-purchase
  • Optimize transportation, storage, and merchandising of your product in retail settings
  • Reduce overall packaging carbon footprint by switching to flexible packaging

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