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Scholle offers a place for your career and personal growth. Explore more about what it’s like to work at Scholle.

Who We Are

Scholle is the performance packaging ally for the world’s most valuable brands. We are driven to pioneer creative solutions backed by deep industry understanding in markets around the globe. Through our partnerships we are reinventing global markets while creating innovative consumer experiences that are consistent, valuable, and unique. Scholle is empowered by performance where it really matters.

What We Do

A pioneer in food and beverage packaging, Scholle manufactures creative packaging solutions to deliver essential products safely, naturally, economically and sustainably. Our vertical integration and global manufacturing capabilities, supported by our inspired people, allow us to deliver creative solutions that create maximum value across the value chain.

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Scholle employees embody our core values. The values influence how we conduct ourselves both inside and outside the workplace.

  • Our people provide an environment that is inclusive, rewarding, inspirational, and creative
  • Our people take accountability and personal responsibility for their actions
  • Customer focus is our main priority. We only succeed when our customers do
  • Our people approach every situation with exceptional ethics and integrity
  • Our continuous improvement philosophy encourages us to strive to become more knowledgeable and agile in our field of work

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